waterPoland. Recommended.

A by the book, so to speak, police procedural. All the stock characters. The stoic, laconic veteran a little too personally involved in the case. The grouchy but benign police captain. The odious cop from the rat squad. The eager beaver rookie, with heart. The coroner rattling off facts about ligature marks and time of death. The slick but obviously bad bad guy. Hunches and gut feelings. Stakeouts. The sketchy guy who becomes an ally. The cynical reporter.

None of the above detracts in the least from the movie, I like movies like this that are done well, as this one is. These things are universal. Stock characters go all the way back to the Greeks, and I suspect many of the same ones.

Very good story telling. A lot of the plot points are revealed in a way that the audience has to figure it out, which is a nice feature for a detective movie. Poland has a very mature film industry, the production values are high, the actors are very good.

siff BLURB