True Wolf

USA. Must see first hour at least.
Nim for wolves. A couple of well educated Montana hippie types got conned into raising a wolf pup  and were then abandoned with it. They had to violate the animal in some way, either by killing it or by trying to tame it and keep it. I guess release to the wild was out of the question. So they tamed it and ended up taking it to schools for show and tell. Sounds creepier than it is, although even the couple aver that it is not a good thing for the wolf. The film is mostly home video they made interspersed with interviews of the couple and some other people. The video of the wolf in the first year is not to be missed by anyone who likes canines. The point made over and over is that a wolf is never tamed and is not at all like a dog in that respect. The owners are pretty polished interviewees, having made a bit of a career out of talking about wolves. The most honest moment in the film is when the guy was explaining that, contrary to common beliefs, one simply does not try to take food away from a wolf. Like, really look at his eyes, don’t try it.