Three-Quarter Moon

Germany. Highly recommended.
A movie about a grumpy, prejudiced old guy saddled with an immigrant kid. Its odd, that sounds like a total, done to death cliche of a premise.  But there are a million ways to tell the same story, and some of them, like this one, just stand out.

The director was asked how he pulled such an amazing performance from his female lead, playing a 6 year old Turkish girl. When she was supposed to look thoughtful he gave her addition problems to do in her head, and when he wanted her to look confused he gave her multiplication. Anyway, she was very good. Its set in Nuremburg, and there are a lot of great shots of the old city. An audience member who was German asked about the “:dialects” that were used. I think we would say “accent”. I guess Nuremburg is in the south, and the lead actor is sort of a Tommy Lee Jones: enough of an accent to sound southern, but not hard to understand at all. If you know German. I forget that a place like Germany has regional speech differences, it all sounds like German to me.