Tab Hunter Confidential

A very authorized documentary about Tab Hunter. Recommended. Turns out Hunter was one of the last cadre of actors who worked in the old Hollywood studio system, and he was able to get roles that allowed him to do some good work. One of the most strikingly good looking people around, and his looks are of the sort that get better with age. I really hope that we are approaching a time when people can grow up and be gay and not have that fact be what drives everything that happens to them; which is what happened to Hunter and several other people who show up in the story.  It seems he was really talented. Competed with Olympians in figure skating, master horseman, the footage of him skating and riding is pretty cool. It also turns out that quitting the studio system was a bad move for the guy, the studios were able to suppress news accounts of star’s private lives, and losing that protection got him kicked out of the closet and he could not get good work, which is why my memory of him is of a lot of worthless movies. That was the only work he could get until John Waters did for him a little of what Tarantino did for John Travolta. It strikes me that one of the most admirable things about him is his work ethic.

Of course, he pretty much made the movie, so maybe he hates dogs or something.

Here is the SIFF blurb.