Safety Not Guaranteed

USA. Highly Recommended. Sometimes at SIFF we go to movies we don’t think we are going to like for basically logistical reasons, and end up loving the movie. The kiss of death on this one is that it is a local production which, alas, often equates to being bad film making.

I loved this movie, as did the rest of the audience, except, apparently, the grouchy looking lady next to me. (Not, I hasten to add,  Marion, I went alone.) It did everything a comedy is supposed to do, which is make people laugh. The ending is perfect. As I mentioned in a post last year that both of you may remember, Scifi is a really good genre for low budget film making, because you can make up any facts you like to make the scenario work and the audience will go along. This is a romantic comedy. A big element of the story is whether the male lead is crazy, or on to something, or both, and they make this hold up really, well. They make knowing/ironic use of various movie tropes like the character who is supposed to be a plain-jane portrayed by a hot actress. Her role is really very nicely constructed, and she has all the best lines. Mary Lynn Rajskub, The actress who was Chloe O’Brien, my favorite character in “24″ has a cameo.