Festival Screenings:
Tue June 7 | 6:30pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown
Wed June 8 | 3:30pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown
Director Pepa San Martín scheduled to attend both screenings

This is a movie that I like more a few hours later than I did while watching it. Rara, a 13 year old girl, slowly she becomes aware that the normal things 13 year olds do, like hate their parents, are getting way more attention than they ought. I like movies where the point of view of the protagonist is maintained. So we do not really know about the things the girl’s parents don’t want her to know.

The most amazing thing about the movie is how absolutely American it is in every way, except its set in Chile. In the bathroom there is a frosted glass bottle with some liquid in it and those sticks people put in those bottles, just like here! Houses just like I had in Shoreline, only nicer. schools where kids play volleyball, parents yelling at their kids to get in the Japanese SUV because they are late for work, lesbians, people embarrassed that they still smoke, clueless teachers, kids bickering over crayons, all happening in physical settings that are indistinguishable from normal upperish class areas here.