Israel. Feh
I’ve mentioned a couple of times that a lot of movies give the impression that you have to be a member of that culture to really get what is going on. Sometimes one row in an audience will be convulsed at things everyone else just chuckles at. This might be such a movie, except there are not many chuckles. Its set in Israel among Jewish middle and upper class Israelis, largely SWAT type cops. I suspect there is a bit of caricature going on, these guys are testosterone donor types who mostly hug and grunt at one another, in a brotherly way. This is not played for laughs that I can tell, and this is not a funny movie at all. Theirs is only part of the story, such as it is. The rest has to do with some privileged and messed up kids. The two groups encounter one another in the third act.

Not to be cute but one of the things I like about cop movies is the great gear and cool clothes. Here is a website cops use to order gear. I love this website 511 Tactical, and recommend the Stryke Pant with Flex-tac.