Jun 042012

USA. Highly recommended
The best kind of American movie. Very polished, exceptionally good writing, exceptional performances by major talent, very well crafted story with some great lines and  a wow finish. I laughed, I cried I was the perfect cliche of an appreciative audience member.

The director has worked on Big Movies that made a ton of money for the studios, and they rewarded him by funding a Small Movie and letting him do as he pleased It worked out pretty well. More, please. It is hard to imagine this will not get a wide release and do well and win awards. The question is, why are they bothering with the festivals? There was a Hollywood style movie last year with an all star cast giving what I think are their best ever performances, which the audience loved, and I really loved,  called Salvation Row. It sank like a rock, never heard of it again. There was another movie that I despised with big stars and a name director called Burke and Hare ( again, I spit on you, John Landis). Everyone but me loved it, looooved it. Never heard from. I have no idea why this happens. Must be awfully frustrating for the people involved.

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