Kill Me

 Germany. Recommended.
A buddy movie. An escaped convict is assisted by a depressed teenaged girl who demands only that he agree to kill her once he is clear. Pretty great premise. One of the first things I thought about in watching this was, hey, its present day Germany, where can you run to? The highly civilized world has made anonymity pretty much obsolete. Turns out you run to Africa. Of course.

There is a scene in, just coincidentally, “The Fugitive” (one of my favorite movies) where Harrison Ford is walking along a dark road at night and a woman stops her car and picks him up. No explanation and no follow-up. There just had to be more story to be told about this encounter, and presumably there just was not time to tell it. I really wonder why that one scene was left in. There is an eerily similar scene in this movie, and a couple a little less eerily similar. One of the actors was at the showing, and someone asked the excellent question, “Were there any scenes you wish had made it into the movie?” It turns out that one of the minor characters in the movie originally had a much larger role, but all of it was cut except for two or three scenes.