The guy in the hat was the yahoo that got himself killed in Oregon two days ago. Just imagine his heavenly delight in knowing that his image is helping The New York Times to sell stuff to whomever, and honestly, I can’t imagine, is being targeted by the couple in the ad to the left.


And, speaking of strange juxtapositions how about this one. The icon of patriotism and the traitor.


The Sheriff of Harney County, Oregon, David Ward, goes on my personal list of heroes for this

“It’s time for everyone in this illegal occupation to move on. It doesn’t have to be bloodshed in our community. If we have issues with the way things are going in our government, we have a responsibility as citizens to act on them in an appropriate manner. We don’t arm up and rebel. We work through the appropriate channels.”

Ward paused and shook his head before continuing:

“This can’t happen anymore. This can’t happen in America, and it can’t happen in Harney County.”