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Posted here  on Google Groups support forum:

to whom can I complain about Google’s high handed behavior

I had a Blogger account a couple of years ago, before it was acquired by Google. I would like to take it down. It shows up in searches in competition with another blog I put up on my own website.

To delete the Blogger account now Google requires that all Google products be deleted, including apps that I paid for at the Play Store. I can live with deleting my g-mail account, which is free after all, but Google wants to rob me of my paid for goods.

Google has also blocked me from taking down individual posts, which it seems like would belong to me.

I never agreed to this, Google purchased Blogger with no notice to me and no agreement of mine that I recall giving. I did not read the user agreement when I signed up to Blogger but I doubt there was anything about my Play Store apps there.

Thing is, its Google. Whose job is it to make Google play by some fair set of rules? Is there a regulator?

Don’t get me wrong. For a giant soul-less corporation Google does relatively little evil. I’m perplexed and delighted by all the free stuff they give out. But that should not entitle them to be dickish.

Here is my last post on Blogger.


 And then, funny things began to happen~~~~[expand title=”Read On” id=”readon”]

A few minutes later I got this e-mail

email from google

And I clicked on the “Another Topic” link and there is this

forum post from Matt Bariletti

Thing is, handy as it is to have translations into Spanish and Portuguese, it would have been better to see that other forum where this popular subject was being addressed. Alas, not to be found. In fact, my original post has disappeared. Click on the link at the top and it takes you to this page.

I could not find contact information for Matt Bariletti. So I replied to his e-mail to me as follows

Hi, Matt. Sorry you have to work on a holiday. Maybe you are a robot, so that would be OK.

I see that  the page was forwarded, but I do not see the other topic related to my question. You say its a popular topic, which I’m sure is so, but can you refer me to the place at which the similar question is discussed and maybe even answered?

But then I noticed that his email address was blogger+noreply@googleproductforums.com, so I don’t think he got it.

Matts google plus pageMatt is, of course, is on Google Plus, that kind of lame competitor of Facebook (which in my opinion is unbelievably lame). So I have included him as an acquaintance in my circles. He looks like a nice guy.

Heres his url  https://plus.google.com/115510091888744404525/posts

So, I’ll post him a link to this post and hope that he gets back to me. I’d really like to know where my question is addressed on the forum. And, I guess it would also be nice if Google would be less, I don’t know, slimy? Lowdown? Lets go with unhelpful.


Usually Google has more self confidence. The first site I open every day is Google News, its my morning paper. And they often post news items that reflect poorly on Google. Different algorithm for support forums, I guess.
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