Food Evolution

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
– Mark Twain

That is the opening slide in the movie. This movie intends to tar the objectors to GMO with the “science denier” label. It is probably right, sorta. What I took from the movie is that in there are 3 main reasons to oppose GMO technology. Because it is an effort by giant amoral corporations with a track record of being deceptive to take over the world’s food supply,  because many GMO crops are made to be “Round-up Ready” meaning that oceans of Round-up are now being used, and because there is something mad scientistish and ominous about inserting genes from one plant into another. It appears that most of the airtime is taken up talking about the first two of these, in equal measure by both sides. Odd to me that the actual science part seems to be less controversial than the governance parts

Siff Blur