Corn Island

cornGeorgia. Recommended. Almost no dialog, the entire movie is set on an island about the size of Pioneer Square. Smaller, probably. Movies like this attract adjectives like beautiful, deeply felt, meditative, because in addition to being cliches they are these things. Dirt poor Khazak peasants plant a crop on a river island whose existence will be about the same length of time as a growing season; accumulated silt from the spring runoff creates such islands. There is a certain amount of action filmed from the point of view of a boat in the water, circling the island. Circling the universe of the movie, showing everything that happens from the outside.

This a movie and there is a story connected to the seemingly unending armed conflict endemic to this benighted part of the world, but its not what the movie is about and more than it is about the weather.

The two characters, a teenage girl and her grandfather, work very hard with tools that are unchanged since the advent of iron age technology to raise an amount of food that seems pretty small. The economics of subsistence agriculture are hard for me to work out.

georgianThis is the second Georgian movie we have seen. I love the credits. it seems Georgian has its own alphabet, similar but less dyslexic than Cyrillic.

Siff blurb.