Charlie’s Country

charlieMy First SIFF movie. A theme of the movie is what amazing, un-reflective shits Europeans are to indigenous people. The shits in this case are of English stock, and so are very polite about it, and these particular indigenous people seem to be unusually pacifistic; so very little outright cruelty, thank the gods. I hate outright cruelty to indigenous people in movies. A theme of my comments about SIFF is that the blurbs can be fairly misleading, and this is an example. The scenes the blurb are about are my favorite parts of the movie; and kind of remind me of a film called “All is Lost” with the one and only Robert Redford portraying the one and only character in the movie, a guy just doing the next logical thing in an effort to survive what nature is throwing at him. The main theme of the movie is that its hard to retain one’s soul in the midst of a lot of pointless bullshit not of one’s choosing. One of my personal favorite themes. The movie has a scene where Charlie’s hair and beard are cut off. I love scenes like that. That must be a high stakes scene for the film maker, he cant re-shoot long haired Charlie after that.