Angry apes

The action in Measure for Measure is driven by the dickish behavior of a petty bureaucrat who has suddenly been put in charge. Shakespeare had the number of such people, who plainly exist in every age, not least our own. ISABELLA Could great men thunder As Jove himself does, Jove would ne’er be quiet, For… Continue reading Angry apes


here are the podcasts to which I subscribe. See below for how to download podcasts Fresh Air Terry Gross is the best interviewer of all time, has encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture, gets the very best people in the arts, high end writers and the like. Essential listening. On the Media I can… Continue reading Favorites

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Fresh Air April 16, 2012    Sadakat Kadri is an English barrister, a Muslim by birth and a historian. His first book, The Trial, was an extensive survey of the Western criminal judicial system, detailing more than 4,000 years of courtroom antics. In his new book, Heaven on Earth, Kadri turns his sights east, to centuries… Continue reading Sharia

Why We Fight

Here is a Planet Money podcast very much worth hearing  Why People Do Bad Things I have always been fascinated by stories about people who get involved in serious wrongdoing almost by accident. This piece has psychologists explaining how, one teensy little step at a time, we go about convincing ourselves that what we are… Continue reading Why We Fight