Nifty move

This is cut and pasted from the authoritative I added the links to the guys. 1 lawyer Michael Barrett, the director of Missouri’s public defender system, says he has a big funding problem. In an unusual letter to the governor, Jay Nixon, Barrett said the state’s public defender system is ranked 49th in the… Continue reading Nifty move

Fauntleroy and California

So, I saw this and was naturally reminded of the Supreme Court. Earlier this year there was a case called Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.    Texas sells specialty license plates on which people can put a message of their choice. Anyone who likes that message can pay extra to those plates.… Continue reading Fauntleroy and California


The phrase, “cut the baby in half.” is today shorthand for a type of compromise, and refers to one of the most well known, if not well read, passages of the bible. The thing to know about Solomon is that he was a king in the oriental style, and that he was probably a prick.… Continue reading Baby


So, I decided that I’m paying too much for my mobile phone, and I thought I would see if there is a cheaper plan. Thank goodness the anxiety and confusion of comparing plans is unnecessary. T-Mobile has put my mind completely at rest. I have the best of all possible cell phone plans.


First, here are some sites where you can buy books TomFolio AbeBooks and stuff Etsy. This is about what dickheads the people who run Amazon are. They have what are called fulfillment centers, which are giant warehouses full of shelves with bins with stuff in them and hundreds of people working their asses off, we… Continue reading Stuff

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Yates v. US

So, in 2007 a fishing boat captain named Yates is pulled over by the fish police and busted for having a bunch of undersized red groupers. Behind the cops back he tossed the illegal fish overboard to get rid of the evidence. He was charged with destroying evidence under the Sarbanes-Oxley act, which was passed… Continue reading Yates v. US


Monkeys understand Justice and Equity – YouTube. This is a pretty famous clip. It bears several viewings, the moment where monkey number two realizes it is being screwed removes, I think, any doubt that we are of  similar stock. Here is the director’s cut with additional material from the scientist guy: ▶ Two Monkeys Were… Continue reading Injustice


T-MOBILE SOUTH, LLC v. CITY OF ROSWELL, GA.     Monopine Cell Towers – Nello Corporation       Mono-Pine – Larson Camouflage – A Leader in Cell Tower …


This was the largest theater in Ionia, the part of ancient Greece that was in Turkey.  Paul the apostle had a gig here that did not go well.As a change of pace, Paul was chased out of town by an angry mob of pagans rather than of Jews. It seems he violated the precept set… Continue reading Ephesus