A Cube of Sugar

Iran. Very Highly Recommended
Probably our favorite film so far. Everything I have read and seen about Iranians, and something I’ve seen in print more than once, is this: forget everything you think you know about Iranians. Nicest People In The World. The setting is a big house on the occasion of a big family event with the brothers and the sisters and the in-laws and the cousins and the kids and the food and the rugs and the traditions and the food and the music and the dancing and the food and the crushes and the grown men acting like boys and the kids taking it all in and the food and the woman just breaking each other up all the time, and the great mad swirl and they are all these attractive nice people all sleeping over for a few days. And stuff happens. What there is only a little of: Islam. These people are devout Moslems they way the Italians are devout Catholics. Unquestioning believers, with a lot of traditions and superstitions that go way, way back, so that the formal religion is just a veneer over a folk, and essentially pagan, set of beliefs and practices.