Oct 052016

Dublin was founded by Vikings who sailed up the River Liffey in the 10th Century AD


We went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells



And the oldest harp in Ireland



















We took a Selfie at St. Stephen’s Green, a site of one of the events of the 1916 Easter Rebellion.


We went to the Archeological Museum. This is the floor, which is all mosaic


And this is God, according to some Medieval artist


This is just some random building


This is not graffiti, these nonsense poems, by Edward Lear it turns out, are all over the toilet area in a very nice restaurant we ate at. Lear was English, but the poem seems characteristically Irish to me. They call them “Toilets”, not bathrooms.

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Jul 212016

aarpBefore the movie starts at SIFF, they run a slide show that is mostly ads for the companies that have donated to SIFF. Great, pays the bills, no problem.

This one, though. See what’s weird about this? This ad for AARP?

Those people are not old. They are not retirement age. They just aren’t. You know who is old? See the pair right behind that vibrant, semi-hot, almost middle age couple? Look hard, the people who have lettering obscuring their image. they are the only old people in the frame.

So the American Association of Retired People is marketing themselves to people who are not retired (unless they are rich), and obscures images of actual retirement age people .

This is one of those things where I say to myself, AARP is a successful thing, they have smart people working for them, someone decided to do it this way for a reason. And it puzzles me, what is that reason?


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